Dr Pierre Delarue

Doctor Anne Lekieffre is specialist surgeon of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in Saint Denis de la Réunion, succeeding Doctor Pierre Delarue.

A member of the French Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, she notably practices face rejuvenation through hyaluronic acid injections, butolinum toxin, cervico-facial lifts, blepharoplasties, etc.

Moreover, she also provides facial surgery, rhinoplasties, figure surgery, breast augmentation and reduction surgery.

A schedule of postoperative follow-up will contribute to achieving the best results.

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Aesthetic surgery is not an emergency surgery, and therefore it is important to minimise the risks.

For each intervention, it is necessary to stop all tobacco use at least two2 months before and one1 month after. In fact, tobacco may lead to problems concerning blood circulation and cutaneous healing.

All other surgical contraindications that can potentially lead to complications will be identified during the first appointment.

First appointment

During your first consultation, Doctor Lekieffre will be attentive to properly identify your request and will ask essential questions for the completion of a medical record.

Subsequently, she will conduct a careful clinical examination, enabling her to make an accurate diagnosis and offer you the most suitable intervention based upon your demand.

Pictures will be taken to complete your record.
Complementary examinations will be prescribed if necessary.
A document tracing the forms of the intervention will be returned to you, including a detailed cost estimate.

An operative date can be suggested depending on your availability, as well as that of the surgeon. A cooling-off period of 15 days will be necessary prior to any operation for aesthetic purposes as well as a second preoperative consultation.

For every intervention under general anaesthesia, a consultation with an anaesthetist of the Saint Vincent clinic will be necessary. We will guide you in this process.

Preparation of the intervention

During the second consultation, Doctor Lekieffre will answer to all your questions and will provide you with a medical prescription, including the treatments to be taken before and after the intervention, as well as the necessary equipment for the dressings. If necessary, restraint clothing will also be prescribed during this consultation.

On intervention day

The medical team of the Saint Vincent clinic will meet you and give you a room, which Doctor Lekieffre will visit prior to the intervention to carry out the markings with a sterile skin-marker pen.

Post-operative follow-up

The number of nights spent at the clinic will depend on the type of intervention. You will be reviewed in consultation at the medical office at least one week, one month, six months and one year after the intervention.